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Why have a professional clean my gutters?

The most obvious reason is because it can be a very unsafe for the inexperienced and unprepared householder. Our gutter cleaners have years of experience working at heights and using harnesses. We also carry powerful blowers and other specialised equipment to make the job safer and more efficient.

This is not to mention that having clear gutters helps reduce the risk of fire, extends the lifespan of the gutters and makes the place look tidy.

example of dirty gutters
How much does it cost for gutter cleaning? Do you have a gutter cleaning price list?

If you provide your address along with a brief description on our 'Get a Quote' form, we can check the building with Google Satellite Images and Street View. We can normally give you the price the same day you make the enquiry.

The price is based on several factors, such as how high the roof is, how full the gutters seem, the kind of roof and angle it's pitched at. Whatever it does cost though, will be cheaper than getting a roofer to fix serious damage due to lack of maintenance.

To give you a rough idea: A small, single storey house could cost as little as $180. A large 2 storey house might be between $230 - $450.

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Will I need to be there when you are working?

Not in most cases. Usually, we can access the roof with a ladder and there is no need for the householder/business owner to be there while we are working. Please mention if you have a dog.

Can you inspect the roof and gutters while you are up there?

Yes we can. We can let you know if there are any broken tiles, bad joints or any other obvious causes for problems. We can also let you know what state your gutters are in and take before and after the gutter clean photos to show you.

Can you do any repairs on the roof?

We can do minor repairs, which include replacing or repairing broken tiles, sealing gaps with silicone, and other similar jobs.

How do you clean the gutters?

First, we clear any leaves or sticks on the roof and valley areas. Then, wearing gloves, we scoop out the leaves and other gunk from the gutters and downpipes into bags. Then, we generally clear any remaining debris with a high powered blower. Of course, we clean up any mess from the gutters around the property too.

We use special tools to reach into the downpipes clearing to the first bend (or about 30cm). We also visually inspect and tap to listen for an echo indicating it's clear.

In cases where we suspect a blockage beyond the first bend, we offer to flush the downpipes using a hose with tap water. We charge a small extra fee to flush the gutters. In some rare cases, the downpipes may remain blocked even after cleaning what is reachable and flushing. In this case, we'll inform you and advise you get a roof plumber to remedy it.

What if I have leaf guards over the gutters?

We regularly come across Leaf Guards (or Gutter Guards) that have been installed over the gutters. We find that if they have been maintained with regular cleaning over the top of the guards, the need to remove the leaf guards is rare.

We use powerful blowers to remove debris through the leaf guard and minimise the amount of lifting of guards. However some sections may need to be lifted, but this amount can normally only be determined during the job.

We charge a seperate price for removing leaf guard, cleaning to the bottom of the gutter, and putting the guards back in place.

Screwed in gutter guard
Do you recommend having 'Gutter Guard' (or 'Leaf Guard') installed?

In some cases, having a leaf guard covering the gutters is useful. It is essential for areas in a high fire danger. These areas require fire resistant gutter guards, such as the 'Gutter Protector'.

Other benefits are: Avoid blocked downpipes, rusting and leaking gutters, allows cleaner and faster flow of water to rain water harvest tanks.

Over the years, El Toro Gutter Cleaning has seen many different types of gutter guards in action. The main problem with mesh-type protection is that they make it hard, if not impossible to clean to the bottom of the gutter. Eventually, no matter what leaf guard you have, dirt will get to the bottom of the gutters and they will need thorough cleaning.

The 'Gutter Protector' is by far the best system we've seen. It's UV resistant long-life, CSIRO tested fire resistant, and it's excellent value for money!

We would be happy to talk you through what's most suitable for your place.

Foam insert gutter guard
How do you access high roofs and gutters?

Each building needs to be assessed individually. We always work safely and we are fully covered by insurance. Where possible, we use a harness, as per instruction by the ‘Work Safely at Heights’ qualification. All our workers are Operational Health and Safety (OH & S) certified. Above all, we use common sense to remain safe at all times.

Will you tidy up any debris that falls onto the ground?

Yes we will. In fact, we normally leave the property cleaner than when we arrived. We can also take away the leaves if necessary, but like to know in advance if this will be required.

How often do gutters need to be cleaned?

This depends on the area you live in, in particular, the amount of deciduous trees that are higher than the roof line. Some of our most regular clients have them maintained monthly, others 3-4 times per year. Some have them cleaned once a year.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We can often carry out the job within the same week of your enquiry. To speed things up we can inspect the job by using Google and Apple Satellite and Street View. Please mention if there is a deadline for the job to be done by.
Please keep in mind that high winds or rain could make it unsafe to work. In this case, we'll contact you to reschedule.

Do you clean gutters where there are Asbestos roofs?

No we do not. It's important to let us know if you have any asbestos roofing that we would need to work on or near. Asbestos roofs can pose significant risks to you, your neighbours and any nearby workmen. More information.

Asbestos roof
How should I prepare for the gutter cleaner before he comes?

Gutter cleaning can cause it to get quite dusty for a short while - don't worry, we tidy up after ourselves. But it's best to close your windows and not have any clean washing out nearby. It's also best to do such things as window cleaning and outdoor painting after the gutters have been cleaned.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay the window cleaner when he comes to do the job either by Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit Card (Amex, Visa or Master Card - a 1.95% surcharge applies). Our standard payment terms are 7 days from the invoice date, but this can be adjusted on mutual agreement.
Sorry, we don't accept cheques.


We accept American ExpressWe accept VisaWe accept MasterCardWe accept Bank Transfer - EFT
Can you give me a tax invoice?

Of course! Whether it is gutter cleaning for a Domestic, Commercial or Strata property, we are happy to issue a tax invoice.

Do the gutter cleaners have all the necessary insurance cover?

Yes. We are covered by $20 million Public Liability insurance and all workers are also covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. We are happy to forward a copy of the Certificates of Currency on request.

Is it WindowWasher or El Toro Window Cleaning? is the website address for El Toro Window & Gutter Cleaning. As for where does the name 'El Toro' come from?, you'll have to ask the gutter cleaner himself about that!