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Commercial Window Cleaning Company

We have a wide range of commercial work we regularly window and/or gutter clean such as: Strata Buildings, Hotels, Car Showrooms/Dealerships, Retirement Villages, Colleges & Schools, Art Galleries, Theatres, Small and Large Offices and Restaurants.

For much of this kind of commercial window cleaning, (and many homes too), the ideal way to clean the exterior glass is with a 'Water-Fed-Pole' and 'Pure Water'.

Water Fed Pole - Reaches 6 storeys high!

Using long extension poles, we can reach and wash up to 60 feet high (over 18 meters, or 6 floors high) from the safety of the ground. These poles are 'water-fed', meaning we connect a hose to a tap, completely purify the water and send it up the pole through a special glass cleaning brush. This not only cleans the glass beautifully, but also leaves the window frames spotless too.

long pole for window cleaningcarbon fiber extension pole with brush

How the Pole Works

The poles we use are made with the latest technology in carbon fibre. This means they are very light weight, yet very strong - allowing for accurate work at full extension. The pole extends out in sections, so cleaning windows 6 or 7 storeys high is just as possible as cleaning windows at ground level.

How Pure Water Works

Cleaning windows with regular tap water would leave spots and smears on the glass. Pure water, on the other hand, leaves the glass completely spotless. The water purifying system involves four stages:

  1. Carbon Sediment Filter - removes dirt, other particles and chlorine
  2. Water Softener Filter - converts calcium and magnesium ions to sodium ions
  3. Reverse Osmosis - removes the majority of dissolved solids and discards them in waste water
  4. De-Ionisation - removes any remaining impurities

We carry with us a particle meter to check the purity of the water. Sydney tap water is normally about 130 ppm (part per million). Our pure water achieves 0 ppm!

Benefits for Commercial Windows

  • Cleans glass, metal and plastic panels and signs up to 6 storeys high without the expense and hassle of abseiling, scaffolds or cherry pickers
  • Cleans window frames, facias and panels as well as glass
  • No chemicals - meaning good for the environment and clean windows last longer as there is no detergent residue
  • Cheaper and faster than the alternatives
  • Safer - no ladders or heavy machinery - the operator keeps both feet on the ground
  • Less disturbance and more privacy for occupants

If you are still curious about this window cleaning method, please contact us to make a booking and we would be happy to demonstrate for you how the process works to bring brilliant results to your glass.

High windows accessed with long water fed pole
Using pole for high window cleaning